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When you hear the word “casino,” the first thing that comes to mind is Blackjack. Blackjack, often known as Twenty One, is a popular casino game. One of its most appealing characteristics is that it is simple to play and can be played by anyone who can count to twenty-one. However, before diving into the world of Blackjack, it’s a good idea to read this article. We’ll go over where the finest places to play Blackjack are, as well as the basics of the game.

History of Blackjack

Blackjack may have been invented by the Romans, according to legend. The theory might be true because Romans enjoyed gambling. However, there is no proof to back this theory up.

The more believable theory is that Blackjack originated in France in the 1700s under the name “Vingt-et-un” or “Twenty-one.” With the help of French colonists, the card game made its way to the American shore in the 18th century. The game’s popularity kept growing in the United States and in 1820 the game was first noticed in New Orleans’ licensed gambling halls. Surprisingly, the rules at the time were not the same as what we know now.

There was also a story about Eleanor Dumont at this time, that was born in France. She was an accomplished dealer who travelled until she established a gaming facility in Nevada City, California. Vingt-et-Un, ironically, was the name of the location. People travelled from all over the country to play against Eleanor, just because she was a rare find among card dealers.


How to play Blackjack

If you want to play blackjack, you must first master the rules. It is actually not complicated to learn how to play blackjack, as the basic rules are simple and they apply to any type of blackjack game. Here’s a simple step-by-step introduction to the blackjack rules you’ll need to know to play the game.

Blackjack is played with 52 cards in a regular deck. Online blackjack games use anywhere from one to an unlimited number of decks, with a “shoe” commonly made up of multiple decks. To participate in the game, you must place a single wager before the game begins.

Dealing cards

The game starts when each player receives two face-up cards. Furthermore, the dealer receives two cards, one face up and the other face down. The goal of the game is to create a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s without exceeding it. The following are the values of cards in blackjack:

  • Ace: 11 or 1
  • King: 10
  • Queen: 10
  • Jack: 10
  • Ten: 10
  • Nine: 9
  • Eight: 8
  • Seven: 7
  • Six: 6
  • Five: 5
  • Four: 4
  • Three: 3
  • Two: 2

Both you and the dealer will check to see if you have a blackjack before proceeding. This is a starting hand with an ace and a ten-point card, for a total of 21 points. Your bet will win at 3:2 odds if you start with that hand. If you have an ace on the table, the dealer will first ask if you wish to buy insurance. This wager costs half of your initial bet but pays out 2-1 if the dealer has blackjack, so you’ll break even if it pays out. Your bet will push if both you and the dealer have blackjack. The dealer will offer to give you even money on your blackjack before checking for their own. This is the same as selling you an insurance bet in terms of math.

Types of moves

You may then begin playing your hand if neither you nor the dealer has a blackjack. If there is more than one player at the table, the action flows clockwise, beginning with the player to their right. There are two basic moves that you can always use. You have the option to HIT, in which case the dealer will deal you another card. You can also choose to STAND, which means you don’t want any more cards and are finished with your current hand. If you have more than 21 points in your hand at any time, you have “busted,” which means you have lost your wager.

Under specific circumstances, you can choose one of the special moves. You can SPLIT your first two cards into two different hands if they are of the same rank. To do so, you must place a full wager on each hand separately. Each hand will be dealt a new second card and played separately. Those hands can be split again, though there is usually a limit on how many times a single hand can be split.

You have the opportunity to DOUBLE DOWN after receiving your first two cards. This move lets you double your wager in exchange for the dealer dealing you exactly one more card, after which you must stand. When you’re in a good position and want to make the most of it, you should choose this move.

Finally, you can choose to SURRENDER. If you do so, you will lose half of your bet and your game for that hand would be over. Surrendering is the right move in really terrible scenarios where losing half of your bet is a better alternative than risking the hand.

Ending the hand

The blackjack hand can end immediately only when all the players have busted. Otherwise, after all, the remaining players have finished playing their hands by standing, the dealer will reveal their face down card (known as the hole card).

If the dealer goes above 21, all player bets win as the dealer busted. Otherwise, the dealer’s hand will be compared to the players’ hands. Players with a higher hand than the dealer win the bet. Players with a lower hand than the dealer lose the bet. When there’s a tie, nobody wins nor loses.

Blackjack Nigeria
Blackjack table

How to play online Blackjack

If you enjoy the classic casino game of Blackjack, you should be interested in learning how to play blackjack online. Playing your favourite traditional casino games online has made casino gambling more accessible and popular than ever before. Players now have access to a range of online blackjack real money games, allowing them to play blackjack online anywhere and at any time, thanks to the rise of casino sites.

If you want to play blackjack online, you’ll need to know where to look and how to play. The first step is to determine which online casinos are legal in Nigeria. As a result, you should conduct some research to determine which online casinos are ideal for you to begin playing online blackjack. Most online casinos will also provide casino games such as online slots, so make sure you choose an online casino that has a selection of games that you are interested in. Then, in order to play blackjack online, you must first register with an online casino.

Playing blackjack online is identical to playing it at a brick-and-mortar casino. People who can’t physically go to a casino to place their bets on Blackjack have two options if they want to play it remotely: RNG Blackjack or Live Online Blackjack.

The RNG Blackjack uses a random number generator like most online casino games. Instead of having a human dealer shuffle and randomize the card order, online blackjack relies on computers and mathematical calculations to ensure that each card on the virtual felt is dealt at random. This ensures that the games are neither biased in favour of the dealer nor the player.

Online blackjack is available to players at any time, as everything is automated and there are no working hours. It is the most convenient Blackjack variant if you play at a reputable and licensed casino.

How to play Live Blackjack

In addition to the Blackjack games with random number generators, there are online blackjack games with a real dealer in real-time. Through the distinctive features provided by live blackjack games, you will be able to have a physical casino experience right on your device.

Live Online Blackjack is the way to go for gamers who want a more authentic Blackjack experience, akin to what they would get if they played at a casino. Live dealers shuffle and deal the cards in real-time, as the game is live-streamed to the player’s device. It is a real-time interactive platform that lets users speak with other players and with the dealer via a number of online betting platforms.

Almost every online casino now has Live blackjack on offer, and it is up to the player to choose which one to play at.

Blackjack Variations

There are many variations for playing blackjack. There may be different rules for the croupier and sometimes for the player. However, in practice, the rules are always in favor of the casino.

The most common types of blackjack are:

  • Blackjack switch – The player plays two combinations with two cards at the same time. The player is allowed to change his second card between two hands. If the croupier reaches a value of 22, the player gets his bet back. This means that he does not win, which would be the case with the standard rules, while here it is practically unresolved. Also, a blackjack player receives a reward of 1: 1, not 3: 1 as is the case in standard blackjack.
  • Vegas strip – This variation of blackjack is played with 4 decks. A player can split two aces only once, but he/she can decide to double down no matter which two cards he has. The player also loses insurance if he / she splits his / her cards. After splitting, a player can double his bet only if the split cards were two aces. If a player gets a sum of 21 after splitting, it is not considered blackjack. If a player splits two aces, he will only get one more card without being able to draw another one.
  • Double exposure blackjack – Both croupier cards are face up. As the player’s advantage increases as a result, other rules come into effect as compensation for that advantage. Players lose their stakes if they have the same sum of cards as the croupier and blackjack only pays out in a 1: 1 ratio. In addition, the player is allowed to split his cards only once.
  • Perfect pairs – The standard game has been improved with the option of adding a side bet to the “perfect pair”. A player wins only if his first two cards form a pair (eg two sevens, two tens, etc.). The payout is higher if the pair has the same suit, and the biggest payout is if the cards have the same sign.

What advantage does the dealer have in blackjack?

The advantage that the dealer has in blackjack, and any casino game for that matter, is called the house edge. The house edge is the percentage that a casino will in the long run. In blackjack, the house has a 2% advantage over an unskilled player.

What exactly does that imply? To put it another way, for every $100 you wager in blackjack, you will lose $2. Sure, you may end a session with a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket, or you could go on a losing streak and lose $50 in a matter of hands. However, the blackjack house edge percentage is 2% in the long run, according to statistics.

There are some ways to reduce the house edge, but the most effective way is to adopt a basic strategy.

How to win at blackjack?

We’d like to say a few things about how to improve your chances of winning at blackjack. Once a card is dealt, it is removed from the shoe until the dealer “resets” the deck by shuffling it. This means that if the player keeps an eye on the high card to low card ratio, they can increase their bets when the deck has a big number of high cards. Because the aces and tens boost the possibilities of getting a “natural” on the first two cards, they improve a player’s chances. A natural, sometimes known as a “blackjack,” is a two-card hand consisting of a 10 and an ace that has an automatic total of 21. Instead of even money, the payout is 3:2.

A number of tips and tactics that can help you improve your performance in this game. Also, there are blackjack methods that might assist players in learning how to play the game properly. There are strategies for both beginners and veteran players, and we’ll go through a few of them below. Before you play any gambling game, you should have a strategy in place because it’s quite easy to lose all of your money if you don’t.

Blackjack Strategies

Even with the game’s advantages, you’ll need a strong strategy to maximize your chances, because blackjack is a skill-based game with mathematical rules. Adopting the appropriate blackjack strategy is the quickest method to boost your bankroll and minimise your losses while playing blackjack.

Card counting is a blackjack strategy that uses the remaining number of cards in the deck to anticipate the following hand. Card counting in blackjack can take several forms, ranging from simple to complex. A simple method is suitable for people who are new to card counting. A player can go to more complicated methods once he has perfected a simple method.

Players can use our blackjack strategy guide to help them make decisions based on their hand total and the dealer’s up-card. Our blackjack strategy guide is straightforward to learn and understand because it includes basic actions.

About Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game that every person can play. Whether you just want to have some fun and try your luck, or you want to learn the ropes and become an expert, there’s something for everyone. Whatever option you choose, you can study the following facts and make an informed decision.

Furthermore, while signing up for an online casino, you will undoubtedly seek out one that offers a generous welcome bonus. To be able to withdraw that bonus, make sure to check whether blackjack is part of the wagering requirement.

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